ICM Controls ICM289 Lennox OEM Furnace Control Board Replacement

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The ICM Controls ICM289 furnace control module is a cost-effective functional ignition control replacement board for Lennox control boards. Features Low cost, form fit and functional replacement board for Lennox Controls inducer fan motor, blower fan and monitors limit switches Microprocessor based design Functions with all 24 VAC thermostats Lennox Replacement For: Replaces all BCC1, BCC2 and BCC3 circuit boards LB-53622A BCC2-2REV8 35K77 35K7701 LB-90089A 65K29 65K2901 LB-50709BD LB-65126A LB-89859 LB-87086A LB-87086 LB-63622AA LB-90676A 40L8801 30H6701 48K98 48K9801 45K48 45K4801 78J61 78J6101 68H08