Taco 007-F5-7IFC Cast Iron 1/25 HP Circulator Pump with Wet Rotor

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Taco's 007-F5-7IFC Model is a cartridge style, maintenance free, wet-rotor, in-line, single stage circulator pump. Its rugged cast iron construction makes the circulating pump a versatile and reliable unit in your HVAC system. Since the cartridge contains all of the interacting parts, circulator and IFC maintenance is made easy and you don't have to replace the entire unit. Its quiet, effective operation, unmatched reliability, unique design and functionality makes the Taco 007-F5-7IFC cartridge circulator pump among the most popular hydronic circulator pumps available in the market. The Taco 007-F5-7IFC is engineered to simplify piping, reduce installation costs and optimize system performance when zoning with Taco 00 circulators. Its main function is to protect against reverse and gravity flow. A low pressure drop caused by the spring-loaded IFC increases flow performance vs. traditional in-line flow checks. Applications include: hydronic heating/cooling, hydro-air fan coils, radiant heating, and indirect water heaters. Replacement Parts List: Casing O-Ring: 008-005RP Flange Gasket Set: 007-007RP Capacitor or PC Board: 007-002RP Cartridge Assembly Complete: 007-042RP Valve Assembly Trans/Relay: 006-047RP Features: Integral Flow Check (IFC)--Eliminates In-Line Flow Check, Reduces Installed Cost, Easy to Service, and Improved Performance vs. In-Line Flow Checks Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design-Field Serviceable Unmatched Reliability-Maintenance Free Quiet, Efficient Operation Direct Drive-Low Power Consumption Standard High Capacity Output-Compact Design Self Lubricating, No Mechanical Seal Cast iron Construction with Flanged Connections