iO HVAC Controls Temp-Limiter

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The internal limiter prevents space temperatures from exceeding or dropping below the assigned temperature regardless of how high/low the thermostat is set. Control accuracy is +/- 2°F. Temp-Limiter™ is designed to be wired between the room thermostat and the furnace.

Wiring Instructions
1. Turn off power to HVAC system.
2. Remove self-latching cover from Temp-Limiter™ and locate mounting plate 4-6IN away from thermostat. Mark and drill holes for mounting screws and wire access. NOTE: Make sure there is no wall stud between thermostat and Temp-Limiter™.
3. Remove the room thermostat cover to access wiring terminals.
4. Fish a 1FT length of 18/2 thermostat wire between the Temp-Limiter™ and the thermostat.
5. Remove the wire from the Y terminal on the thermostat and attach it to one of the wires leading to the Temp-Limiter™ with provided wire nut.
6. Attach the other wire from the Temp-Limiter™ to the Y terminal.