White-Rodgers 1361-102 3/4in Sweat Hydronic Zone Valve, Two Wire

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The White-Rodgers 1361-102 2-Wire Hydronic Zone Valve provides a low cost system of zoned temperature control wherever hot water is the heating medium. In new construction, the heating piping system can be laid out to produce any number of independent temperature controlled zones by use of these valves. The zone valve is designed to turn in one direction, stopping every 90° in either the open or closed position, depending on thermostat demand. The motor position is controlled by a wafer switch attached to the motor shaft. Features For zoning hydronic systems up to 50 PSI Self-aligning barrel-type valve stem design Made of a corrosion-resistant stainless steel Uses line pressure to seal off without binding on opening and closing Motor can be easily removed without draining the system, meaning less mess Automatic recycling manual operator shows valve position at all times Screw terminal wiring panel for added convenience Built-in auxiliary contacts to control burner or circulator relay 2-Wire Valve 24 VAC thermostat circuit rating 0.2A (valve current is 0.52A when opening but 0.2A when fully open; therefore set anticipator for 0.2A) Time cycle: 45 seconds/open; 60 seconds/close