Honeywell L4064B2210 Fan and Limit Controller, 11in Insert

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The L4064B controls the on and off operation of the heating units fan motor and provides high limit control of the main burner. It is suitable for all types of forced air heating systems. The L4064B’s bimetal sensing element turns fan on and off according to plenum temperature. The L4064B has a manual switch to provide continuous fan operation, mounting adapters for replacing competitive devices, adapters for wiring convenience, and a strain relief bushing for protecting the wiring from damage due to field abuse. Limit contacts are suitable for line voltage, low voltage or millivoltage circuits. The fan-on timing can vary depending on applied voltage Features Three wiring terminal options available for easy installation. Push-in receptacles for stripped wire. Female receptacles for 1/4 inch male flag connectors. Auxiliary screw terminals. Field adjustable fan and high limit settings. L4064B,W, and R models have a manual fan switch that overrides the fan control to keep the fan running continuously. TRADELINE models with mounting adapters for easy installation and strain relief bushings to protect wiring from field abuse