Robertshaw 1951-536 36" Thermopile Generator Coaxial Connector

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The Robertshaw 1951-536 is a 36in-long Thermopile with Coaxial-Type Connectors and a Threaded Nut. The Robertshaw 1951-536 was designed with a stainless steel outer jacket that gives this thermopile a longer lifespan and makes it resistant to heat blistering. It also includes an attached threaded nut that makes burner installation super easy!  The 1951-series thermopiles are known as CP-2 (500-600 millivolts) Thermopiles and combine both copper and nickel alloys for enhanced electrical conductivity.This item does NOT contain a pilot adapter. Features Easy Burner Installation with the Attached Threaded Nut Stainless Steel Outer Jacket Attached Threaded Nut for Easy Burner Installation Mica Washer for extra insulation Copper and Nickel Alloys Tinnerman clip included Available in various length