Robertshaw 710-501 Low Capacity Gas Valve, NO Pressure Regulation

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The Robertshaw 710-501 is a Low Capacity Gas Valve with NO Pressure Regulation designed for low capaicty and limited space applications like RVs and small spaces. Each of the Robertshaw 710 Series Low Capacity Gas Valves are designed to be extremely compact for the tightest spaces!  The Robertshaw 710-501 has three-position outlets, multi-positional capability, and component replaceability. Dimensions: 3-13/16in High by 4-21/32in Long by 1-29/32in Wide Features Gas Cock Dial Marking: OFF, Pilot : ON Ambient Temperature of -40°F to 175°F 1/4in Tubing for Pilot Outlet Maximum Inlet Pressure of 14” WC (0.5 PSI) Standard NEMA Terminals Inlet Filtered Screen Various gas types: natural, manufactured, mixed, LP, and LP/air mixtures Multiple actuators available RoHS compliant