Ultravation UMX-1224T UltraMAX Gold Extreme 24VAC UVC System

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UltraMAX Gold Extreme is designed for the most demanding UV disinfection need with a powerful power supply and convenient features. Ready to handle two remote UV lamps and control panel with LED status display and power switch to manually shut down the system for extended away-time. Proven disinfection technology that inactivates bacteria and viruses in the HVAC airstream and bio-growth on HVAC internal surfaces. Saves energy because UV prevents clogged HVAC drain pans and drain lines. Provides allergy relief by destroying allergens and preventing allergen-generating bio-growth inside the HVAC system. Prevents bio-growth that causes “HVAC dirty-sock smell”. Optimizes cooling efficiency, reducing HVAC wear and tear. Silent, non-intrusive and safe to use: Installs inside the HVAC system for whole house coverage, with no noisy, intrusive appliances taking up space, and the germicidal UV light does its job inside the HVAC system, without injecting any chemicals or other substances into the air. Some examples of applications include: Homes, Offices, Schools, Industry, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Pet Centers, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Military, Bus Stations, Retail Shops